Reasons Why You Should Play Escape Room


The first thing you can do to make an escape room in the comfort of your home, especially when you have small kids, is to search online for inspiration. You can check the websites, visit social media pages, and see the available examples.

Search Online for Inspiration


It’s vital if you select a theme and work around it. Kids would love creativity, and thus, it would be best to consider what your kids prefer the most. If the goal is to keep kids busy and give them an idea of the escape rooms, it would be best if you select a theme in the first place.


You have to make your puzzles and clues. You need not invest in anything expensive. You can find items from the dollar store. It would be fun to create your puzzles and clues. You would also get a chance to show your creative genius! So, you must get started, and it would be even more fun when you have tons of ideas overflowing.

at home

Since you are playing at home, you can develop rules that are easy to understand and follow. If kids are playing, it’s best to keep the rules simple so that kids will remember them with ease. It would be fun to think about the rules of the games! You can also search for ideas online and see if you can get a new and interesting idea suitable for small kids.

Decide Rules

Make Your Puzzles And Clues

It would be fun to create an escape room in the home. You can think of different ideas and find inspiration online. You can get different items from the dollar store and create puzzles and clues. Work as a team and don’t forget to have fun. The goal of an escape room is to have a great time as a family and connect with the family members. Create some fun memories with the little ones. Escape rooms are fun, but some are for bigger kids. If you have small kids, you will find yourself searching for an escape room for kids.



Even though you are making your escape room, the goal here is to have fun. Don’t forget that! You must remember that you and your family must enjoy the whole experience. On the other hand, if you notice kids fighting with each other, make sure you tell them what to do and why you are playing the game in the first place. Focus on the game that promotes harmony. You would look for escape room games ideas or look for escape room games online for inspiration. The goal is to make your escape room and have fun with the family.

It would give you an idea of what to expect. Now, if you like an escape room and find it easy for the kids, you can start thinking of how to make an escape room suitable for small kids.